Engaged in R&D and manufacturing of aluminum-based copper clad laminates
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Company Culture

Company culture system

1. Enterprise spirit:

Pursue perfection and create excellence

2. Business philosophy:

Quality, the foundation of business; management, the road to a strong business; efficiency, the source of business

3. Core operating methods:

Produce the best products at the lowest cost

4. Business objectives:

Become the leader of China's high-end metal-based copper clad laminates

5. Operating policy:

Based on the principle of honest management, provide customers with the best sales and technical services

6. Quality policy:

Provide users with the most satisfactory products and services

Quanzhou Longchuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Contact: Yu Yanglong
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Address: No. 91, Houjing Xindian, Binjiang Industrial Zone, Xiamei Town, Nan'an City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

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